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Whats is required to start a 4WD Club ?

Clubs tend to get started because a group of friends who enjoy the same activities decide to formalise the arrangements.

Club life not only benefits the members by bringing together like minded people to promote and enjoy their recreation, Clubs also greatly benefit our society as a whole when they participate in community service deeds such as raising funds for charity, or assisting with land care duties.

To get started, you will need to perform the following:

a)      Electing the Committee.

The most common Committee arrangement consists of the President, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and Editor.   If your Club is planning to join 4WD NSW & ACT, Inc, you will also need to elect an Association Delegate.  Many Clubs also have sub-committees which can include Driver Trainer, Trip Coordinator, Insurance Officer, and Webmaster positions.

b)      Naming your Club. 

Consider the impact the name you select will have on all areas of the public.  If the public can take offence or oppose the name you’ve selected, you may have public opposition.  Four Wheel Drive NSW & ACT, Inc will also consider the suitability of the name and its possible public image impact when reviewing a new Clubs request for Affiliation.

c)      Creation of the Constitution and By Laws

Ensure your Constitution caters for your present Club numbers for quorums.  An example constitution from 4WD NSW & ACT is availabe by contacting the Secretary.

d)      Incorporating your Club.

If your Club is based in NSW, you’ll need to submit your Constitution to the NSW Office of Fair Trading for assessment, along with the necessary paperwork, found here.   In the ACT, you will need to apply with the relevant forms, including your Constitution, to the Registrar General Office.  Once these have been accepted, you will receive a Certificate of Incorporation.

e)      Obtaining Public Liability Insurance

4WD NSW & ACT, Inc offers Clubs Public Liability Insurance through TCIS Insurance Brokers.  You can find their contact details and more information here.   It is also a good idea to obtain Insurance for Officers to avoid any direct claims against the Committee.