All members of Affiliated 4WD Clubs have access to Nationally Accredited Driver Training program. This allows any member to obtain formal nationally recognised qualifications. Driver Training is provide to Association Clubs via the Driver Training Unit (DTU).

What is the DTU?

The DTU is The Driver Training Unit of " Four Wheel Drive NSW & ACT". The DTU is made up of volunteers who are members of affiliated clubs with experience in both 4WDing and training and a desire to improve the level and quality of training within Association clubs.

The Driver Training Unit of "Four Wheel Drive NSW & ACT" is a Registered Training Organisation RTO Provider No 5172 able to train and assess nationally accredited courses / units in 4WDing contained within the National Outdoor Recreation Industry Training Package.

What training and Assessment does the DTU provide?

The DTU's main aim is to work with affiliated clubs to improve the quality of 4WD training. This may include any of the following: assessment of club driver trainers / club members, providing support / resources to assist club driver trainers in delivering accredited training, delivering accredited training and assessment for clubs without experienced/ qualified trainers.

This program provides the basis for clubs to deliver accredited training and assessment to Association Clubs.

How do members get Trained?

  • Ask your Club what training they provide, you may be surprised, most Clubs will provide some form of training, even driver awareness is better than no training.
  • If your Club has no formal training, speak with your Club Trainer or your Club Delegate. They can contact the DTU and find out what is happening and when. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Check the Association calendar, most training is on that calendar.
  • Trainers should be talking or attending Association training days, this is a great way to pick up skills, new techniques and updates on training package changes. Club Trainers attending can assist and participate, meet other trainers and pass on any knowledge that they gain. Just remember, you are never too old to learn or pick up new skills.
  • Delegates should be talking to the Regional Chairs to ensure that they are updated on training. At many of the Regional meetings, there are members of the DTU who can assist you with questions.
  • Clubs. It is your responsibility to provide your members with access to the Training Resources. Talk to your Delegates and Regional Chairs.

How do members get Assessed?

Sign up on the DTU BOOKING FORM within this website to initiate your enrolment.