Meeting Date: Saturday, 16th of May, 2015 (Weekend Camping Event)

Venue: Dingo Dell. GPS: Latitude 33° 58? 25.5"S Longitude 149° 57? 54.576"E

The campsite is along Kowmung River management trail which can be found along Kanangra Walls Rd or Banshea Rd. The campsite is beside Dingo Dell Creek and is found soon after crossing Tuglow Hole Creek.

Meeting Time: Meeting commencing at 2:30pm. There will be a Dingo Dell working bee on in the morning.

There is a lot to discuss at this meeting primarily with the following topics to be discussed:
  • DTU Changes and arranging an MOU with Getabout
  • Name to be decided re our Ambit Claim project. (We need this name for the next points)
  • Approve $2,000 budget for initial Ambit Claim Video Production
  • Sponsorship of 'High Tide' radio program on 2SM Sunday 4am to 7am
If possible it would be good if we had as many club delegates, presidents and any of your members that want to help out with Dingo Dell and then to socialise with fellow association and club members. It should be a great weekend!

We are currently looking at lunch options for the day as many of us including our fellow club members will be up for the Dingo Dell working bee.

{mosmap lat='-33.97375'|lon='149.96516'}

Relevant Documents

Reports and Discussion Points (Will be available as they are uploaded)

  • President's Report
  • Vice President's - Lands Report
  • Vice President's - Clubs Membership Report
  • Vice President's - Clubs Region Report
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Insurance Report
  • February 2015 Quarterly Minutes - Download